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Weary Single Mom

Weary Single Mom By: Mia L. Hazlett I awoke while morning slept And arrived to work as the sun took its first yawn. By the time 10 AM rolls around Six hours of my day have come and gone. By 12PM I’ve already had an 8 hour day. A two hour commute,three meetings, one more… Continue reading Weary Single Mom

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The Village: The Sick Mom

By: Mia L. Hazlett 10/2/2017 Before I talked about The Sick Kid, but the real question is, what happens when Mom gets sick? As the only adult in my household with two school-aged kids and speaking with other single parents, daytime drugs. Daytime drugs is what happens. When I call out sick, I wake up… Continue reading The Village: The Sick Mom

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She’s Still Going Strong

She’s Still Going Strong By: Mia L. Hazlett 2/11/2015 Long ago in a faraway land, I wrote about an incredible woman, I titled it, “Forever Changed”, because at the time, she had changed my life. Now she didn’t pull me from a burning building in some grandiose act of heroism. She was just simply… Continue reading She’s Still Going Strong

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From the Eldest Child Files- Introduction

Introduction By: Iyana Edouard 12/30/14 My name is Iyana Edouard, and I am oldest daughter of a beautiful and wonderful single mother. I am also the goddaughter of Mia, basically her baby before she had babies. Through the ups and downs of my childhood I have learned so much through my mom's and godmother's somewhat… Continue reading From the Eldest Child Files- Introduction

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By: Mia L. Hazlett 11/6/2014 Doing the single mother work thing is getting old.  But just because it's getting old, it doesn't mean I can stop.  There's a household to support. There are kids who need clothes, and get this...they want to eat too.  The thing is, this wasn't my plan.  I hadn't planned on… Continue reading Week”ends”