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She’s Still Going Strong

She’s Still GoiJenniferng Strong
By: Mia L. Hazlett

Long ago in a faraway land, I wrote about an incredible woman, I titled it, “Forever Changed”, because at the time, she had changed my life. Now she didn’t pull me from a burning building in some grandiose act of heroism. She was just simply in my life. But it’s the role she played, which changed me. She had been my closest friend for almost twenty years. Now we are coming up on almost 25 years. Holy crap!! I’ve known her for more than half my life. Sometimes things hit me when I’m in the middle of writing.

Since we left that faraway land, my incredible best friend is still going strong. I’m blown away when I reminisce about our tiny apartments off of West Elm Street in Brockton. I look back at those naïve times in our twenties and I’m blown away at how far she has come.

I ended “Forever Changed” with her putting her stamp on corporate America, and now I feel she has conquered it. She’s put in her years and now holds a VP title at a major bank. The thing I love about her big bad title, it’s what she does and not who she is.

So let me tell you who she is….a mom. A wonderful, extraordinary, loving mom. About four years ago I was down and out and living in her house with my daughters trying to figure my life out. One day I was cleaning the house, with her at work and the kids at school and she called me. She called me and announced she was pregnant. I screamed. She cursed. It was college all over again. But this time, there was no struggle ahead, just a decision to bless me with my third goddaughter.

I believe God blessed her with daughters because we need more women like her in this world. She describes little Grace as a “threenager”. I concur. At least that’s what it sounds like in the background when we are talking on the phone. But I relate most to my gentle bookworm Harmony. I’ve had extremely hard days because I had to finish my book before going to sleep. And from the struggling days of Brockton, a small seed has blossomed into a staff writer for NTTV. Take a look at her first published article,

Our world is going to benefit from these three special young ladies, because their mother has dreams for them. Dreams that exceed what she has done for herself. Dreams they may not understand as she treks them across the country to their new home on the east coast. She struggles with her decision because she lives selflessly, loves them fiercely, and does everything she can to provide for them.

I so love this phenomenal woman. The world needs to move out of her way, because she is still going strong.

Copyright © 2015 Mia L. Hazlett

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