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Self-Defense My Ass

By: Mia Hazlett 5/31/2014 I watched this TED talk by Jackson Katz, Ph.D about men’s violence against women . It was extremely valuable knowledge and gave a perspective that I had never really considered until I watched this. It made me beg the question, how young are men when they first hear, comprehend, and fear… Continue reading Self-Defense My Ass

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Living by Faith

By: Mia L. Hazlett 1/3/13 I came into 2013 by myself. I sat in my recliner with the television on completely, captivated by my new James Patterson book. As the midnight hour approached, I wondered what 2013 would bring for me. And as I sat alone, I began to feel lonely. My daughters were at… Continue reading Living by Faith

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Honest Liars

By: Mia L. Hazlett 3/15/12   Lies and kids, kids and lies.  I believe they go hand in hand.  For some I think it is a learned behavior.  But for most kids I've met, lying is a result of fear.  They fear getting in trouble with whatever they are being confronted with.  Is there a… Continue reading Honest Liars