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Weary Single Mom

Weary Single Mom
By: Mia L. Hazlett

I awoke while morning slept
And arrived to work as the sun took its first yawn.
By the time 10 AM rolls around
Six hours of my day have come and gone.

By 12PM I’ve already had an 8 hour day.
A two hour commute,three meetings, one more on the way.
I wrap it all up and back in the car I ride.
As I reach my doorstep, the sunset is about to die.

I swap my clothes and get ready for job number two.
Not everyone can do this, God gives it to only a few.
It’s one I signed up for, when I said for better or for worse.
But somewhere down the line, we parted ways through divorce.

There are no accolades, nor a paycheck, no rewards.
I come into the house and throw together, a dinner with what I can afford.
You see this week there is no paycheck, no money coming through.
And with only $37 left, there’s not a hell of a lot I can do.

As homework, baths, and ironed clothes are ready for tomorrow,
My bed beckons my weary bones, and my body starts to follow.
Before my head meets the pillow, so I can drift to sleep and snore,
I hear my youngest unloading, her dinner, on the bathroom floor.

With throw up cleaned and a child bathed and put to bed,
My alarm awakens me three hours later, to face the commute I dread.
Before getting ready, I have to check to make sure my baby is okay.
I can tell when I touch her forehead, I’ll be using my last sick day.

Where is this work-life balance thing that I’ve read about in all the magazines?
I love my children and I need this job, but there is no in between.
Today with a sick kid and three hours sleep, home is where I need to be.
Because for as many times as I’ve chosen work over them, today’s about family.

You see when I chose to have kids, there was a father in our lives.
I wish he would understand they still need him, even though I’m no longer his wife.
Even though I act like I’m okay and that nothing could possibly be wrong,
Trust me, 21- hour days are too much for this weary single mom.

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