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From the Eldest Child Files- Introduction

By: Iyana Edouard

My name is Iyana Edouard, and I am oldest daughter of a beautiful and wonderful single mother. I am also the goddaughter of Mia, basically her baby before she had babies.

Through the ups and downs of my childhood I have learned so much through my mom’s and godmother’s somewhat crazy but always loving parenting and advice. I can’t wait to pass what they’ve taught me on to my children one day, but until then, I’m grateful to be able to share my experiences here.

Much of this blog is about a single mother raising her kids the best she knows how. Her constant fear is knowing how they will turn out and what her kids have been thinking along the way. Although she is not my mother (but pretty much is) she invited me to this blog to give my perspective of a child raised by a single mother.

My goal is to give hope to all the mothers reading, that in the end, everything you say and do is going to eventually get through your children’s heads and they will forever be as a appreciative as I’ve become. At 20 years-old and a junior in college, I am the final product of my mom’s hard work, sacrifices, honesty, and love.

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