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By: Mia L. Hazlett


Doing the single mother work thing is getting old.  But just because it’s getting old, it doesn’t mean I can stop.  There’s a household to support. There are kids who need clothes, and get this…they want to eat too.  The thing is, this wasn’t my plan.  I hadn’t planned on raising my two daughters by myself.  Granted our first daughter came before marriage, we married after and began a life together.  Whatever happened over the three years, we separated.  My plan ended and I was thrust into unfamiliar territory – Single Mother Land.

The problem with getting off course, you don’t have time to stop and turn around.  Work still expects you to come in, companies still want you to pay your bills, and as I mentioned before, kids still want to eat. I don’t complain about the way my life turned out.  None of these responsibilities are absent from a true adult life.  The thing is, I just took on these responsibilities, with the idea someone would be helping me.  There would be two salaries, not one. From those two salaries, the bills would be shared. And most of all, raising our children would be carried out by both a mother and father.

You see, salaries can increase, which allow the weight of paying bills to become easier.  The one thing I have not seen change in my five years of separation, time.  There are still only 24 hours in a day and only one me.  My schedule five years in is pretty routine, but I still feel like I run out of time.  Weekends are really not “ends”.

I spend my weekends running around with errands that would require time I don’t have during the week.  There is no end.  I’ve been working straight for five years.  I realize this sounds like complaining, but I think that’s okay.  Sometimes venting is a requirement when you’ve had no “end”.

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