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To My Daughters’ Boyfriend

By: Mia L. Hazlett

Dear Boyfriend,

I like you, I really do. The manner in which you carry yourself shows me you take pride in yourself without exhibiting arrogance, a rare quality to find in a young man at the tender age of 19. Of course, it is not only how you carry yourself, but also how you speak to and treat my daughter. There is a respect and gentleness that I find extremely commendable. Again, it is your young age, which leaves me speechless.

You see, from the moment you called my home, I liked you. That was your first test. Yes, you’ve been taking unknown tests since I met you. Our first conversation was when you called to speak to my daughter, “Good evening, may I please speak with…” Oh how sweet the sound. Now I don’t know if you do that on the regular or if my daughter mentioned my expectations when you call my home, but either way, you passed the test.

When I wanted to take you out to dinner with my daughters, you guessed it, another test. There is a manner in which we act in public that is different from when we are in private settings. I wanted to observe you in a social setting. How appropriate of you to hold the door for all of us, including your own mother. This truly eased my soul, that your mother was just as interested in meeting my daughter, as we were you. Being able to meet and speak with her over dinner, brought a sense of peace and understanding as to why you are an amazing young man. You are not an act. You were brought up by a woman who shares many of the same morals and values I do.

Not only did you hold the door, but you also chose a restaurant you had been to before. You were also able to share the dress code. Impeccable comes to mind, when I think of your spotless attire. Because we had not been to this restaurant, you suggested menu items for my family. How very adult of you. In your mother’s presence, you had a very genuine relaxed demeanor, which reflected in how you spoke to the waitstaff. Yet another test passed.

I am very impressed young man. Moreover, I’m happy my daughter found a young gentleman like you. After meeting your mother, I feel comfortable with my daughter going to your house and being in a relationship with you. You’re an outstanding young man. Be proud of who you’ve become.

5 thoughts on “To My Daughters’ Boyfriend”

    1. Well he does not exist yet, for my daughters are only 11 and 6. But I know one day he will come and I want to be able to pray over who this non-existent boy is now and have faith he will possess these characteristics.

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