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You’re in Love

By: Mia L. Hazlett

Well done, my virtuous young lady. I commend you for being so patient in your endeavor to fall in love with the right person. If I can give you any advice, stop listening to everyone telling you, “you are too young to be in love.” You are at the perfect age of 18 to be in love.

You must understand, these people attempting to offer you advice, they are bitter about their past relationships and have done little to let go of the anger they harbor towards their exes. They never took the time, as you have, to become un-wavered in their morals or values.

I feel this is the perfect time for you to be in love, because neither of you are entering with a complicated relationship history. In the day and age where some of your friends are now mothers, I’m happy you have waited to save yourself for marriage. You don’t know how incredibly proud I am of you for staying strong in your virtue of pureness. I know it has not been easy and you travel a very lonely path, but know that God has seen your patience and the love you have for yourself. You will be rewarded my love.

If there is any advice I may offer you darling, love freely, but not unconditionally. Many people will tell you if you are really in love then you must do the whole, “thick and thin” and “for better or worse.” No. Only God can give unconditional love, because not only is God love, but no man or woman can hurt God. You are not God, so therefore, man can hurt you and will.

Because when you love someone unconditionally, you are saying, “I have no expectations of you” – “no matter what you do to me, I will stay with you.” That is not acceptable, nor is it how I raised you. I raised you to have expectations with all of your relationships. There is forgiveness for all relationships, where you can look back and laugh at the moments of tension. However, when your core expectations and values are violated by either a friend, relative, co-worker, and in this case- boyfriend, leave them behind. Don’t lower your expectations or throw your values away for anyone.

I am so happy you have been able to say those three words, “I love you.” Even happier when you came home and hugged me with joy, sharing it was requited. My heart is dancing for you babygirl. There is no better joy than seeing you so happy and with such a remarkable young gentleman. May God bless your relationship and guide you with strength, with your commitment to remain virtuous until united under marriage.

I love you.


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