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Really? Are You Kidding Me?

Really? Are You Kidding Me?
By: Mia L. Hazlett

I came across this story, although it was not my first and won’t be the last, Now you know how passionate I am about children.  I believe horrible parents produce “bad” kids.  But what happens when horrible parents make a half-ass attempt at being parents.

This story among many that I have read this summer, a couple goes bar hopping and leaves the 2 year-old in his car seat.  Although it was at night, it was still hot out and the boy was found unresponsive.  What I don’t understand is, how sorry pieces of crap think.  Somehow, they want to take this child with them, so they don’t leave them home alone.  Home alone where this child would have had the chance to live.  Yes, there are dangers in the home, but put him alone in a room with candy and TV and go get your drink on.  Now I’m of course not justifying that, but saying, if you’re a crap parent, why would you find leaving your kid alone in the car while drinking at the bar….safer? more responsible? I don’t get it.

Instead this poor little baby was made to suffer.  Now this particular article did not state whether the boy was restrained in a car seat, that would seem too responsible for these asshats, but maybe.  But I have read articles where children were restrained in their car seat.  I just find this so evil.  For the children who have died, what an unimaginable demise at the hands of pure selfishness.

I tried to reason it out a little bit.  They are sorry drunks and were too drunk to care.   But then there is this embarrassment of a human being Tanning?  Are you serious?  She was so desperate to pursue skin cancer that she felt she needed to risk the lives of two innocent babies?  I just find this story so ironic because she was tanning.  I don’t get it.  Maybe I never will.  I’m just disturbed that there are so many of these stories in the news right now. And these children are defenseless when restrained in car seats.  I just had to get this off my chest, because there is at least a daily story about it.

I pray for our babies who have died this year to the hands of selfish stupidity.

Copyright © 2014 Mia L. Hazlett

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