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Money, Money, Money!

By: Mia L. Hazlett
Date: 1/27/13


Hello my precious daughters. What makes the world go ’round? Money. I hate to say it darlings, but money makes the world go round. The thing is my ladies, being financially responsible will get you far in life. It won’t eliminate all of your problems. Obstacles will still block your paths. But in my opinion, if I can instill in you to live an honest life and make wise choices with your money, I’ve given you a wonderful shot at a happy life.

No matter what you end up earning, make sure you pay yourself first. Whatever you can afford to set aside in a savings account, do that first. You work hard for what you make, and you deserve to pay yourself before you pay your bills.

I also need for you to ALWAYS live within your means. Don’t try to have what others have, when you know you can’t afford it. It will catch up to you. This means, if you look in your wallet and only have five bucks, you only can afford something for three bucks. Don’t spend your last dime on anything.

Credit cards are not your friend, if you are not financially responsible. Many people use them as a substitute for paying with cash. Unfortunately establishing your credit is going to be a must in this world. So my advice to you, use your credit card only if you have the cash to back it. They require you to make monthly payments. Set aside the money when you use your card and pay your balance monthly. There will be times when you need them in case of emergency, but ensuring that balance is paid in full needs to be your priority.

I need for you to be able to support yourselves and lifestyle always. The most important thing you can do for yourselves is have a savings account that you don’t have to use to live by. I know that sounds strange, but I’ve seen many a people who think it’s an account to support not being able to live within their means. I need to know that you never become financially dependent on anyone. Unfortunately, I’ve seen many women who hold out in the wrong relationships, because they have become financially dependent on their husbands or boyfriends. Know how to budget your money and where it goes at all times.

Honesty is a trait that I hope you will never compromise for anyone. Unfortunately, no matter how honest you are, you have to be able to support yourselves and your lifestyles. Working hard and following these few rules of financial responsibility with what you earn, will in my heart of hearts, allow you to live a bountiful life. I love you my darlings.

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