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What in the DAMN?

What in the Damn?

By Mia L. Hazlett


question mark

I had to give my praise to  God before diving right back in here.  But I’m back!  The opinionated mother.  Friend to no child.  So I must ask the question, what in the DAMN?!?! Here goes, I’ve been living in my house since September.  I love the neighborhood.  I honestly do. My oldest daughter knows a girl from school who lives down the street around the corner and up another street…or two or three.  It sounds complicated but she’s about a two-minute car ride away.

For the first three weeks, this girl was at my house everyday – weekends, school days, all that stuff.  So three weeks in, the kids are playing and a women knocks on my door.  I don’t recognize her and before I can say anything, she is asking if her daughter is here, because she sees her scooter on my front lawn.  I invite her in and introduce myself.  She proceeds to tell me that she came home from work and her daughter wasn’t home.  She woke up from her nap ten minutes ago and realized she’s still not home.  From the time she told me when she got home and her showing up on my  doorstep, three hours had passed!

WHAT IN THE DAMN IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!?!  You come home from work and realize you don’t know where your 11 year-old is, so the best thing you can think to do, is take a nap?  I kept my  composure as she walked herself out of my house without her daughter.  “Send her home before it gets dark.”  Now y’all know how I feel about The Village.  I believe in and will gladly join any village.  But I have to know you.  This is not the babysitters.  You don’t get to just take naps all day and make your kid my responsibility.

The problem I have is the fact she found her daughter because the scooter was on the front yard.  Otherwise, she wouldn’t have known her daughter was at my house.  I also have a problem, three weeks goes by before you choose to figure out where your kid has been going every single day?  WHAT IN THE DAMN?  We live in a world of sickos that like to kidnap and molest innocent children.  When you come home and your child isn’t home, don’t walk around hoping to find your kid’s scooter.  Oh yeah, and don’t let three hours of a nap take priority over finding your damn kid!

We did exchange numbers when she was here and she will send me a text to find her daughter every now and again.  If her daughter is here I don’t reply.  I know she is safe and I know where my kids are.  Now it didn’t start like this, I just got sick of this lazy ass chick using me like a GPS.  My kids don’t get to leave the house unless I know where they are going and every half hour they have to check in.  I’ll get to that in a different post- my oldest has a cell phone now. SHUT IT!  I’ll explain later.  Now if her daughter is not here, I kindly respond no.  Now some people have told me I’m mean, but you all know I wear that with honor.  It’s not an insult.

I just don’t feel like I am doing that child or stupid ass any good.  If she doesn’t have to get out of her bed to find her child, I’m enabling an idiot!  I’m not her daughter’s GPS.  I choose to have my daughters tell me where they are going, have them check in, and know the routes they take around the neighborhood.  Because this little girl can’t stand being at her house, my kids are not allowed over there.  Plus I’m not real fond of her mother’s parenting skills, or lack of them.  I don’t trust her to watch my kids, since she can’t seem to keep track of her own.

Again, this isn’t me saying I’m the perfect parent,  I just have a problem with someone allowing their child to be gone for three hours only to discover them in a stranger’s house.  This lady doesn’t know who I am, or who I have coming in and out of my house.  Luckily, I am almost perfect and her daughter was safe due to my almost perfectness.

I love kids.  I’ll join any village that needs help with kids.  But I just don’t have a tolerance for bad parents.  Nope.  Not here.  Stay away please.  And I refuse to join any village that has me asking, what in the DAMN?

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