No Daddy Today

No Daddy Today

By: Mia L. Hazlett


My eyes won’t close, but I must go to sleep.

I finally heard his voice, the first time in three weeks.


I can’t wait to see him, to hug, and get a kiss

But when he’s not home to tuck me in, that’s what I miss.


I wake in the morning and pick out my prettiest dress.

Next pretty bows or maybe braids, because my hair is a mess.


My sister has no faith and calls him her ex-dad,

Mommy just says a person can only take so much sad.


It’s almost time and he hasn’t called to back out yet.

Normally by this time, the tears have made my face wet.


I get in my favorite seat, it’s right by the window sill.

My sister keeps saying he won’t, but I know he will.


There’s a knot in my stomach, because two hours have gone by.

He’s now two hours late, without a phone call to tell me why.


Mommy plops in her chair and hands over her phone.

Daddy’s on the other end, but I’m familiar with his tone.


He promises me tomorrow, toys, and candy, but none of that is okay,

Because the only thing I heard, there will be no daddy today.

© 2013 Mia L. Hazlett

All Rights Reserved.


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