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Baby, we’re having a baby. No that wasn’t right.

In eight months, we’re going to be a family of five not four. This was still my favorite.

Sean. I’m pregnant. Honest and straightforward.

How was I going to tell my husband about this pregnancy?  Over the past two years we had grown separate and become roommates.  Sometimes he came home, most of the time not.  He left the raising of our children and the running of the home to me.  Or maybe I just allowed it.

Who cares what tonight would become, because we were going out to dinner. Dinner. Tonight. I couldn’t remember the last time we had gone out together, never mind the last time he wanted to spend any time with our family or be alone with me. I guess I could call this a date. That’s how I was going to treat it. I was going out on a date with my husband.

We didn’t have the healthiest of marriages, but at this point I really didn’t care. Well until last week, when I sat alone in the bathroom with a piss stick.  Two minutes changed the rest of my life.  I was pregnant and couldn’t tell my husband.  We hadn’t had sex in over four months and the one time we did, positive piss stick.  Up until my little bathroom discovery, my marriage wasn’t highest on my list of priorities. I would have to care if my husband loved me.  I didn’t. I would have to care if my husband left me.  I didn’t.  I cared that no matter what happened in this marriage, my kids were happy.

My two little girls meant the world to me, and their daddy, the world to them. I couldn’t really say they meant the world to him, but his relationship with them was his business, not mine.  We had become so used to his absence, that a special little bond had formed between us.  In my heart of hearts, I wanted my family and deeply hoped this baby would make him want it just as much.  So not only was I going on a date tonight, I was on a mission to save my family.

© 2013 Mia L. Hazlett

All Rights Reserved.  Excerpt from Conundrum- March 2014 release date.

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