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Proud Momma

By: Mia L. Hazlett


I believe as you raise your children, there will always come a point in your life when you question yourself. Did I do this right?  Did I do that right?  Should I not have done this and that?  Or at least I do.   One of the areas I have always pushed in my daughters’ lives is their education.  Working in the educational industry and having teachers in the family, has exposed my daughters to college and schools since they were very young.  Beyond just working in that arena, I was always copying school work for them to work on at home or asking a teacher how to teach my kids in a subject they struggled in.

Another thing I did with my oldest during her summers – book reports or writing a report on something she found important.  When she would complete it, she had to give an oral presentation to me.  She now has no problems giving oral reports or as you can see above, presenting to the town’s school committee.  I always thought I was pushing her too hard when it came to her grades, but then I thought, she has never really had a bad grade.  There was a little concern about her science, but I know she is trying her hardest.  Oh yeah, and she’s dealing with her parents separation, this is her second school in two years, we are staying at my parents, she’s playing softball, very serious about her duct tape business, and practices writing short stories – just to mention a few of the things on her plate.

So I sat there that night watching her present, and I had no question in my mind – I’ve done a great job!  There are a few things in my life I’m proud of, but when it comes to my kids, that moment is what it’s about.  It was not only about watching her, but when she finished, a man approached me and said, “your daughter was so articulate.”  What a compliment!!!  Her vocabulary and annunciation  came from my less articulate moments, “Speak up and stop talking like you just bit your tongue,” “Who are you talking to me or the floor? Look me in the eyes and act like you believe what you’re sayin.”   Then when the reporter asked if she could be featured in the newspaper, that feeling inside me was priceless.  I sat there in that auditorium  with her father, aunt, and sister and hid my watery eyes.  It was hard to believe I raised that little girl.

So last night when we got home after her softball game, she disappeared and returned with the newspaper.  I opened it up an there she was.  I began to read the article and she stood right next to me as I did.  “Great job, baby.  I’m proud of you. Now go take a shower and then finish you’re homework.  It’s late and you should have done your homework when you got home.”  Hey, I’m proud, but the child knows to do her homework when she gets home, especially on game nights.  But nonetheless, I’m a proud Momma.

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